Entangled Realms and The Realm of Misplaced Hearts - Novels by Rick Hobbs





The Theory of Everything is Hope

     In Rick Hobbs" debut novel "Entangled Realms" we finally know the answer to one of life's "big questions"--is there hope for humanity given its current trajectory?  In the protagonist' s f rantic and urgent quest for an answer to this question (our world is at risk on the first page), the reader also picks up the basics of theoretical mathematics, string theory in physics and the achievement of unity in self and others that Buddhism provides.  Despite and perhaps as a result of the book's complexity, avid mystery lovers, like I am, cannot put the book down until I discover whether the forces of good (Rachel, the math prodigy and Terry (the string physics researcher) will triumph over the forces of "intrusion" (a team of spooks representing the lost scientists in the US Department of Defense).  In the midst of this conflict is a battle for survival that academics, executives and skilled burger flippers can appreciate--who will get there first; who will do it right; and whose product is inherently flawless? 

     The humorously inept government forces which attempt to squelch the academics encounter one of the book's more colorful characters--His New and Young Holiness, a Dali Lama who knows all the answers anyway, and guides his mentors, Rachel, Terry, and a benevolent neurosurgeon, who will risk anything, including his position, to save lives--to Truth.  Their skills become the vehicles in this twisted journey through time, space and understanding.  At the end of the book the reader is unsettled to learn that if Entangled Realms is possible, the the Snowden and Assange leaks are rather simplistic, given the vast extent of possible government oversight and intervention.

                             Anne Hendren

                            Author of A Dream of Good and Evil                             and,  her latest, Project Runaway



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